Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wordpress: News Icon cannot appear in thumbnail size

After coming back from my long leave, I found all my icon news thumbnails not working as usual, only default icon for news appear for each of them...

Today I found the reason why this happen... its happen because the icon picture size that upload in media library smaller than image size in setting image. It suppose 170 x 56 px.... and the thumbnail function will reduce the image to thumnail size 162 x 56px...

Now all news icon appear again!... hehehe. :)


SSO - Tomcat Server


** After do any changes in SSO code file(deployerConfigContext.xml)
we should restart Tomcat service in CAS Server...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FreeBSD: How to check file/folder size in console

Use this command

## du -h (namefile/folder)


Wordpress- Nextgen Gallery Problem


In Nextgen Gallery Plugins..

This error comes up when we want to upload pictures in gallery..
Upload failed! Failed to write file to disk

Upload Media also got Errors
Error saving media attachment.

I do:
Set all permission to all related folders to 777, still get the same errors.
Then I search the same problem in internet, and found this:
Have you exceeded your disk space quota?

Then I inform server guy to check on the server space for this issue..

Check /var/log/snmpd.log for www server.
Clear all log in the log file. Thats all.

Try back to upload the picture in gallery. See.. it works!
Thanks to all colleagues for helping me overcome this issue.