Sunday, June 27, 2010

Error saving media attachment in WordPress

Error on site: Error saving media attachment

Last week my friend (Arabic webmaster) told me that our site cannot upload picture or any files in media library. It happened since last Thursday. So for the whole Friday I search I have used to search the net for a solution. And I actually found most of the forums & blogs said to do this step:
  1. Go to “Settings” then go to “Miscellaneous” and check that your “Store uploads in this folder” is correct. Is should be something like “wp-content/uploads”.

    Mine was already use it.

  2. Next step is to check the permissions for your “uploads” folder located in “wordpress/wp-content/uploads/” on your server. Changed the whole “uploads” folder with “chmod 777 uploads” without luck.

    Mine also was set to 777 as it, but still cannot work.

So, after check everything here and there, finally our server guy suggest to reboot the www server. It is not the best, but it seems our last choice after checking everything ok. And yahoo!!... it works!. All the media upload function back in media library and post.

I'm feel relief .. Thanks Allah for showing us the way out.. :)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wordpress 2.9.2: Install Plugins Problem


Last week, I already installed new wordpress 2.9.2 in my dev server. I setup and configure all require file and the site can display well.

But the problem occur when I want to install plugins. The page display box to set connection info by ftp.. I try to check here and there, but still cannot find the setting file.... and finally I found the solution.

After we try to change the ownership of the wordpress folder to www, the plugin can be install without asking any connection setting info...

I'm happy :). Thanks tis guys for lend me yours big hands.:)