Thursday, July 23, 2009

PHP: Past ValueThrough Link

php Syntax (Toggle Plain Text)

1. $prop_id = '$_GET[prop_id]';

2. In a href tags >> =\"submit_docs.php?prop_id=".$prop_id."\"
Then close the a tag.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordpress: Move Site To New Server Issue

Case 1:
We plan to migrate our local www to outside server .. all related files transfered successfully.. and we decide to seperate between files(www) directory and the database(mysql).. all transfered and dump successfully to their own server.

After edit the configuration file(wp-config.php).. the main page can display well.. but all the created menu links does not go to the right url. The WordPress address (URL) not change as is the url setting in vhost.


1.Page wp-admin page cannot appear
2. WordPress address (URL) not change as is the url setting in vhost.
3. The home page looked fine but all permalinks returned a ‘404 Not Found’ error.

Solution and action taken:

For problem no.1 and 2; the problems come from the General Setting that store in the database. Because of the admin page cannot be open, we need to edit the url setting through mysql wether using command or phpmyadmin...The url edited in table wp-options.
Make sure the grant permission is right. After settle that, the admin page can be appeared and the created menu links corrected to specify new url.. but the no. 3 problem still not solve.

Solution No. 3:

WordPress 404 Not Found Problem

In my case after a move of my site, I checked and double checked and it was NOT the .htaccess problem instead, the new apache httpd.conf had:

AllowOverride None

I changed it to:

AllowOverride All

and did an apache stop/start. Problem solved, and the .htaccess started applying again.

The problem successfully solve!!.. I'm happy now... :)


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drupal: Multilanguage

Content Translation

Local: Multilanguage Support

Translation for Download

Localization Server


Menu Translation

Active Translation Module

Consistent Language Interface


This module provides a language switching block that is very similar to that provided by the core locale module, however its behavior differs from the locale block in several ways:

1. The visibility of language links in the block is consistent and independent from the existence of translations for the page that you are viewing. The logic here is that the user should be able to change the language of the interface at all times. This is important because often there are menus and blocks that are language specific and the user should always be able to find the link back to their language.

*** For those who would like to have it so that languages which are not translated also do not have language links you should use the Language Icons module in conjunction with the core Locale module. ***